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Yosemite Pit Stop Camping/Hotel
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Zim 23-Jul-20
bobfiras 31-Jul-20
From: Zim
So I drew two tags in Oregon, Warner Unit pronghorn & deer. Bringing my wife with me for this first one and trying to make the trip nice for her, so picked up a day pass at Yosemite August 24th, prior to my pronghorn hunt. We are flying in to Reno on the 22nd. It seems everything in the park is sold out the whole month. We will be driving in from the East, 395 & 120. The park camping line says the first-come-first-serve campgrounds are usually filled by 10 AM. We need a site somewhere for two nights Sunday 23rd & Monday 24th. I think a tent cabin would be ideal for our purposes. Saw ones at Virginia Creek Settlement and Mono Lake available for our dates. Anyone familiar with this area?

From: bobfiras
good hotel

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