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Sheridan/Big Horn WY Lease?
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Rob in VT 01-Aug-20
Pop-r 02-Aug-20
Rob in VT 07-Aug-20
From: Rob in VT

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Rob in VT's embedded Photo
I am looking for a 2021 private land lease within 1 hour of the Sheridan/Big Horn WY area. Mainly looking for a place with a good deer population (Whitetail or Mule Deer), but would be a plus with antelope or elk. Doesn’t have to be large acreage, but the right terrain with wooded draws, water, and an established game population. This would be for 1-3 people depending on acreage.

Send me a PM if you have any info or leads. Thanks, Rob

From: Pop-r
Good luck but that's very unlikely to happen from out of town. Unless you have ALOT of money to throw at it. As you start building your new house and meet people it will become possible for sure. Good luck!

From: Rob in VT
I understand it’s a shot in the dark. But if you don’t take the shot . . .

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