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Iowa hunt for Ohio Hunt
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WTNUT 06-Aug-20
Hello first post here. I am known as WTNUT (Whitetail Nut) on Habitat Talk and someone suggested I post here. I have friends in Iowa who are not hunters, but own a couple farms. They invited me to apply for a tag and said I should apply for Unit 8. I had two points already and drew the tag - Good news. Bad news is my friends who don’t hunt made a mistake their farms are not in Unit 8, the unit they told me to apply for.

I own and have managed a 1,000 acres in southern Ohio for 18 years. It is approximately 800 acres mixed timber stands and about 100 acres of plots and 100 acres of brush and other cover. I am looking for a farm or two to hunt in Unit 8 this year. If anyone has access and ability to allow me to hunt, I will trade them the same number of days at my Ohio farm. All you have to do is get there and buy a license and tag. Food and lodging will be on me. I have a four bedroom house at that farm. Send me a PM or let me know if you are interested in talking further. Thanks.

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