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1Longbow 24-Aug-20
whipranger 25-Aug-20
PowellSixO 25-Aug-20
From: 1Longbow
How long can tree stands be left up in Az. before they are considered abandoned

From: whipranger
If it’s in a decent spot just leave it and hunt it

From: PowellSixO
As far as I know, anything left for more than 24 hrs is considered abandoned. Just put your stands up with the best cable and lock you can find. They'll have to use a cut off wheel to get them down. It only helps keep people honest. If they want anything bad enough, they can get them. I personally won't be putting up any stands until a few days before my hunt. I have tons of bulls on certain water holes right now, but in the next 3 weeks, the bulls will be moving. No need to put a stand up now, because they might now be there come September 11th. Once I put my stands up, I'll leave them until the hunt is over, or I decide to pull one and move it to a more productive area.

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