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#2 Bow and Arrow Coues Deer Unit 40a
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DezertDeerHntr 27-Aug-20
creed 27-Aug-20
DezertDeerHntr 27-Aug-20
StickFlicker 27-Aug-20
I was wondering if anyone knew what that coues deer scored? Also if someone could provide me with a picture?

Thanks in advance...

From: creed
Haven't seen it but I saw a trailcam pic of a buck from 40A a few years back. It was typical and looked like an eastern whitetail. The game warden that had the pic thought it would go 130. I know nothing about coues but that sucker was huge!!!

Wow that's insane! You wouldn't happen to have a picture of that trail camera buck would you? I want to see one of those toads in such a low density coues deer unit..

From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's Link
It officially scored 121 2/8. It was entered in Arizona's bowhunting state record book, and there is a picture of it in there. You can buy a copy of the book for $25 at the link, and it has the full story of the hunt in the book as well.

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