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Gator DIY bowhunt
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ahunter76 29-Aug-20
EMB 01-Sep-20
ahunter76 03-Sep-20
Mossy Cypress 07-Feb-21
jstephens61 13-Feb-22
From: ahunter76
My adult son has gotten it into his head he wants to try & bowhunt a Gator. His bowhunting buddy too (they have taken several biggame critters). Is this even feasible in Florida? If they did this what "special" things needed? Bang stick? They have large boat ect. Are there Public areas they could do this on? I told him to check the Fl. DNR but I thought I'd post this (he's not a bowsiter)

From: EMB
Since no one is answering your question, I'll try. It is possible. From what I understand, alligator tags are done on a draw basis and are specific to an area. The draws start pretty early in the year, and I believe they are done. You'll definitely want to check the regs on this.

As an aside I have a friend that was always going to take me. He hasn't and I still want to do this. Because I don't know what I'm doing or what to do with an alligator after I shoot it, I was going to go with an outfitter first.

From: ahunter76
Thanks EMB. Like you, no idea of how to go about it. We are a family of DIY bowhunters when ever possible. I just cannot justify the cost of a guided Gator hunt. I've been to Fl & seen Gaters in canals ect.. Again thanks & I'll check with Fl DNR.

Did you guys finally decide on what areas you were going to hunt,when and what size gator you were looking for?

From: jstephens61
I know it’s been a year and a half, but ahunter76, did you figure anything out?

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