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Seeking SE WY rut info please...
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ssrhythm 31-Aug-20
HiMtnHnter 01-Sep-20
JohnMC 02-Sep-20
ssrhythm 06-Sep-20
wytex 11-Sep-20
From: ssrhythm
I’m a SC native and SE and Midwest hunter for 40 years. I moved to SE Wyoming 4/2018. Shot an antelope and small mulie last year, and I finally have a spot Im excited about to go after deer with my bow. I’ve been carving Osage for the last year or so and finally have a sweet-shooting selfbow ready to hunt. I have a 7+yo tank on camera that showed up 8/26. He won’t score much, but he has enormous bases and lots of character. I know he will not tolerate the slightest mistake on my part, so I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to go about getting inside his bubble. Was considering holding off till he gets love-sick hoping he will drop his guard, but I realized that I have not the first clue about the whitetail rut out here. Looks like I can hunt him tomorrow through Sep. 30 and then again from 0ct 1-15. When is the typical peak rut time for whitetails in SE Wyoming...I realize this will vary from year to year and is highly dependent on many mysterious, uncontrollable variables...jus looking for y’all experience with rutting Eyoming whitetails...need to figure out if I’m going to even be able to hunt him when he’s looking for love or if Im just going to have to play wind carefully, sit a lot, and hope he decides to move/keep moving in daylight. Thanks in advance.

From: HiMtnHnter
Rut won't really kick in until November. You'll see some cruising and decent activity end of Oct. Early can be good from a patterning standpoint.

From: JohnMC
You won't see any rutting in those times. I hunt whitetails a lot in NE CO. Second or so week in Nov is where it is at with the rut. If he coming to a water tank now. Set up a pop blind leave it for a few days and hunt it. Especially if he showing up on camera.

After rereading your post not sure if the deer is a tank or if camera is at water tank. If it is the deer is a tank and not at water. I would still hunt him now if you can figure him out. Set a stand preferable a tree stand but a pop up blind can work. Only hunt it if wind is right. Good time to kill him I would reckon even though I have never had the chance to hunt whitetails in Sept.

One questions. Would through Sep 30 and then again from Oct 1-15, just be through Oct 15th?

From: ssrhythm

ssrhythm's embedded Photo
ssrhythm's embedded Photo
Lawd! This place is a smallish farm 300 yards across the street from my house. Great bedding and cover in an isolated spot by the highway right under passerbys’ noses. Except for that one hillside and 200 yard x 30 yard low area that has good willow and tea olive cover, it’s wide open fields. The deer were in there thick...until the rancher closed off that one spot and dumped a load of cattle in it! They knocked over my camera and are tromping and pooping all in and they where the deer were bedded. Moping they will get rotated out sometime soon, but if ain’t looking terribly promising. I think big boy just relocated to the middle of a standing corn field about 1000 yards away. I’ll try to post a pic of him. He looks to be ancient to me...twice the body of the biggest doe and a the small 6 pt I have on camera.

From: wytex
Rut is Nov. I would hunt him early while still in feeding mode, Sept. Is there a Nov. whitetail season, some areas have one. Once they cut that corn he will show back up. See that gate he is going to use, set up near a fence crossing maybe as well.

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