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Unit 41 archery Bull tag
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thefitarcher 03-Sep-20
wyohunter1 08-Sep-20
Stryker 09-Sep-20
wyohunter1 09-Sep-20
LONEBULL 09-Sep-20
Stryker 11-Sep-20
From: thefitarcher
My hunting partner and I drew a unit 41 Type 1 tag. We will be coming in the last 2 weeks of September. We have a great plan I think but we have not been able to get up there and get eyes on the unit. I've done it all through e-maps etc. I just had a couple questions for anyone that has ever hunted that unit before...I'd love to connect. Best of luck this fall!

From: wyohunter1
I've hunted it and just did a pack trip up there.

From: Stryker
I’m hunting on a 41 9 tag and until 2 days ago it was hot and dry. After receiving some much needed moisture it should be looking better. I’m also hunting moose in the same area as I drew a 42 tag. Good luck and enjoy.

From: wyohunter1
Man....42 is a good tag

Good luck Dave!!! Hope to see some pictures of success!!

From: Stryker
Thanks. Don’t want to step on JPs post. Headed up tomorrow for a couple of weeks and will post when I’m done. Everyone have a great hunt

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