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Bow Making Oven
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Schwammerl 23-Sep-20
Treeline 24-Sep-20
Schwammerl 24-Sep-20
Ucsdryder 24-Sep-20
PECO 26-Sep-20
Schwammerl 03-Oct-20
Attaractor 10-Dec-22
PECO2 11-Dec-22
yooper89 11-Dec-22
From: Schwammerl

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Not sure if I can sell this here:, please dump if it breaks the rules: bow making equipment - oven, jigs works great. $200

From: Treeline
Jigs? Forms?

Do you have a hose to compress the laminates in the form?

From: Schwammerl
Yes, jigs and forms and hose. The oven power is variable so you can regulate and dial in the correct temperature. I have parts to make a set of limbs as well. The parts are from Bingham Products in Ogden, UT.

From: Ucsdryder
Tavis, you should buy it then I’ll test a bow that you make. You know, to make sure it works!! I keep threatening to join the dark side. ;)

From: PECO
What forms do you have?

From: Schwammerl
The oven is sold - thank you.

From: Attaractor
Hello. It's a pity that you have already sold this oven. I think you did it yourself. Maybe you can share the diagram of this furnace? I want to try to do it myself. Perhaps you have an assembly instruction, or you can describe the process a bit. If I made these things myself, I'd know how to fix them. I had several ovens, but not homemade ones. And when they broke down, I referred them to specialists in repairing household appliances from They fixed everything quickly and cheaply. But I really want to be able to fix it myself. I hope you will answer me. You can write to me in PM.

From: PECO2
It is a pity you sound like a scammer, and no one will click on your link.

From: yooper89
Ryder, do it. Best thing you’ll ever do

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