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Opening Day 2020
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INbowdude 01-Oct-20
pav 01-Oct-20
sticksender 01-Oct-20
INbowdude 02-Oct-20
patience2spare 04-Oct-20
INbowdude 14-Oct-20
From: INbowdude
Be safe and best of luck to everybody out there this season. 2020 is a funky year so make it the best you can. Looking forward to your successes in the fields and woods this season. AND don't forget to vote on Nov. 3rd!

From: pav
Best of luck to you Mike. May your great run of bowhunting success continue! Take care.

From: sticksender
Ready to hunt. Good luck all!

From: INbowdude
Thanks Paul, but my run is nothing compared to what you and some of the other regulars are doing. I wish I had half your success. 1st night no deer or turkey sightings but what a great feeling to be back up on the stand even on a windy day. Always looking forward tothe next sit. Good luck to all land safe hunting. Post those pics!

Saw 13 deer and 2 turkeys on Saturday. Was a fun hunt with plenty of deer in range but the bucks were small and all of the does had little fawns - which is encouraging - but Im waiting for a doe without little ones in tow. Good luck with your hunts guys! Pete

From: INbowdude

INbowdude's embedded Photo
INbowdude's embedded Photo
Well, not a deer but I did have a blast at Pork 14. I am a weak man. 3 hogs, all spot and stalk. Now if I can just shoot a deer, my season will be complete. Best of luck to you guys.

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