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Anyone hunt Gifford Pinchot SP?
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Yodameister 06-Oct-20
Pyrannah 06-Oct-20
Yodameister 13-Oct-20
From: Yodameister
Made a snap decision to go camping this weekend at Gifford Pinchot State Park. I don’t have any doe tags for the unit, so I’ll be buck hunting if I go at all. I might just take my son with the crossbow.

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience hunting there and what pressure level to expect. I see there are lots of hiking trails carving up the bigger blocks of timber, so I expect some foot traffic. Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.

It’s kind of fun looking at maps and trying to anticipate where the pressure will be highest and how the deer might move through.

From: Pyrannah
LOTS of people

good luck man!

From: Yodameister
Well, we got a late start Friday afternoon so I didn’t have time to for an evening hunt. Saw a few hunters’ rigs parked along the road on the way to our campsite.

Saturday morning I saw one other hunter walking in the trail behind me, so I waited to say hello and good luck before heading into the brush. I bumped one deer below me before I found an open enough spot to get in a tree. (Much of the area was pretty thick, even for ground hunting.). I heard one deer move past my stand before first light. Then around 8 o'clock I heard a buck grunting below me. I gave a few grunts of my own but I never saw the deer. Scouted my way out around 930 and found some good sign not far from my morning setup.

In the evening I went into a slightly different spot and had a doe come right under me as I let my bow down after dark.

Good luck to anyone else hunting the park!

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