Summit Treestands
Is there anybody out there?
Rhode Island
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Red Godin 15-Oct-20
Cp550022 15-Oct-20
Dc2180 17-Oct-20
DeerDan 18-Oct-20
Qdiver911 20-Oct-20
From: Red Godin
I have been super busy running my dive shop, charters and spearfishing so I haven't had time to check in here.....surprised that there isn't any new posts since January. Is anyone hunting yet? Now that it is colder out I am planning on prepping my favorite spot. Anybody shot anything yet?

From: Cp550022
Hey Henry, I'm following along also, but I have only been out a few times and saw a couple does. I've been too busy to really hunt. Good luck to everyone! Stay healthy. Chris

From: Dc2180
Been checking was thinking same thing mass and conn forums been goin but nothing in ri been out a few times but been slow saving my good spots this year for end of oct and nov

From: DeerDan
Hello all, I've been out a handful of days. A couple of weeks ago I was able to connect on what I thought was a doe but turned out to be a small spike. Good luck!

From: Qdiver911
Henry, we’ve been hitting it hard in Mass. follow all of your FB posts on the charter boat! A pleasure to read those reports. Been out of the water 2 seasons now, after 5 GWS encounters, I chose to stay on deck rather than have my D. Wong Nor’easter slaying fish on the rock piles. Just got out of the woods soaking wet and cold. Good sit, saw 2 at 90/yds. Called it a day at 3. Cheers, dive safe

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