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They need your help.
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Missouribreaks 22-Oct-20
JMG 23-Oct-20
Steve 26-Oct-20
JMG 27-Oct-20
Shortdraw 28-Oct-20
ultimag 06-Nov-22

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From: JMG
This shit cannot be tolerated in the least bit. There is absolutely no reason to do this sort of thing, nothing good comes from it. I hope they catch the individual or persons responsible.

I believe the Montana Bowhunters Association (MBA) will pay a reward for anyone providing information that helps solve a crime that uses archery equipment (poaching, shooting livestock, etc.). They did back when I was on the Board and as President.

From: Steve
Hello, The MBA is offering a reward for any information leading to a conviction in this case. This is in addition to the reward being offered by the MT FWP. We have worked with the landowners and are helping with the vet bills. If anyone has any information, I urge you to contact FWP and bring it forward. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated. Sincerely, Steve LePage

From: JMG
Thank you, Steve … and the MBA for stepping up.

From: Shortdraw
This is getting out of hand out here and makes no sense to do this or think about doing something like this. Thank you Steve for stepping up to help and hopefully you find out who did this.

From: ultimag
did they ever find those responsible ?

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