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GAOS cancelled
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Cougar 23-Oct-20
Pyrannah 23-Oct-20
Teeton 24-Oct-20
horsethief51 24-Oct-20
Rut Nut 25-Oct-20
Justgrad25 26-Oct-20
Teeton 26-Oct-20
From: Cougar
Just heard that the 2021 Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg has been cancelled. That is only the second time it been cancelled. Covid got us again. Lots of money will be lost due to this. What a bummer. Guess I'll go to Florida instead.

From: Pyrannah

From: Teeton
After having two friends that got c19. No way i would go if its still on going. Also I would never want to work at a show that puts thousands thru it. Im guessing here that vendors #'s would be way down.

Monroeville (Pittsburgh) Show was just cancelled too.

From: Rut Nut
I doubt there will be ANY big shows or conventions this Winter the way things are going.................... : (

From: Justgrad25
Teeton, your friends that had it, how bad was it for them and what were their worst symptoms? Did the need to be hospitalized? My cousin's husband had it over the summer and he is late 60's, had heart cath, heart disease, diabetes, kind of overweight....he had the bad GI version and couldn't eat for a week or week and a half, lost 15-20lbs but, that was the worst of it for him. He had none of the low O2 symptoms or anything. My cousin's daughter works at the Allegheny CO. jail (social worker) and she also tested positive but was totally asymptomatic. Only reason she knew she had it was due to mandatory testing.

From: Teeton
Justgrad25, they were a husband and wife. Husband early 60's wife late 50's. They both had fevers of 102, one for 14 days and the other 16 days. One lost a lot of weight, the other did to but not as bad. Both could not walk up stairs without stopping a bout 3 times to catch breath. Took 3 weeks after fever broke before they started to feel like doing anything. They both said they would never want to get it again as it was the sickest they ever were. Also a acquaintance of mine mom and dad borh got it. They died 10 days apart. They were both in their late 70's.

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