How are we doing in 5D
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joebow 29-Oct-20
bill v 31-Oct-20
Bob McArthur 04-Nov-20
BSKED (mobile) 06-Nov-20
bill v 06-Nov-20
Rut Nut 07-Nov-20
DeerDoc 10-Nov-20
griz 18-Nov-20
From: joebow
How are we doing in 5D

From: bill v
Still sitting joe. Seen 7 so far. Waiting on the trump rally. Been quiet for a while

From: Bob McArthur

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Here is one from 5D

From: bill v

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Good ones from 5d this year

From: Rut Nut
Wow! NICE bucks in 5D boys! : )

From: DeerDoc
Hi All. I'm new to the area. Just relocated from the midwest to just outside of SpringHouse in Montco. I have been scouting out the public land in the area, mostly Game Lands 157 but am not seeing much. Anyone have advice for the public land in this area? Thanks in advance!

From: griz
DeerDoc, welcome to Pa. Public land is OK but if you really want to do well, ask around on some of the tiny private woods. It will be tough to find a private spot but once you do you will be glad you put the work in. I'm in Montco (Hatfield) and very close to Springhouse and there is no shortage of deer down here. They are literally everywhere that can hide a rabbit. Network every way you can think of. For public land, check out Evansburg State Park. Lots of hunters but if you get into a little nook you may do well.

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