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Bonus Points
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Glen 01-Nov-20
WapitiBob 01-Nov-20
Lost Arra 03-Nov-20
From: Glen
Is it true that i have to purchase a bonus point even thou i was unsuccessful in the draw? i thought you got one because you wher in the draw. Seems a little weird to me

From: WapitiBob
You have always had to designate you wanted to purchase points when applying by checking the "with point option" and paying the fee versus applying and choosing not to pay for the point at time of application. In 2019, because their customer base was unable to comprehend how Wyoming points work, when they were applied to an application, and cluttering up the phone lines, the dept chose to remove the "point option" when applying for a hunt and applicants have since had to buy points during the points only period. That period ends tomorrow.

From: Lost Arra
And they aren't Bonus Points but Preference Points. The topic header had me surprised.

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