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Trad shops in/near SW PA
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Tca12666 01-Nov-20
jdbbowhunter 01-Nov-20
horsethief51 03-Nov-20
Dale Hajas 03-Nov-20
Seneca_Archer 08-Nov-20
Peddle-paddle 17-Nov-20
From: Tca12666
Well the traditional archery bug has hit me. After hearing my dad and other family members stories about chasing deer with recurves, I wanna give it a shot. I’ve been a compound hunter for the past 20 years. Can anyone recommend a shop that specializes in trad in/near SW PA? Gonna make the jump after the season, but I wanna start practicing ASAP to be prepared for next year.

From: jdbbowhunter
Post over on Leatherwall, great forum for traditional archery. Youll get plenty of help there.

Look at a lot of bows before you buy, then buy a Chise bow. He is in Traford. I can get you his info. He made a half dozen new risers over the weekend.

From: Dale Hajas
Location? Latrobe here and a bunch of trad guys here in the Sw

Mace Family Traditions Archery in Avella PA. Check their FB page. Mark's just getting a shop set up.

I just came across this post. Got some good information particularly on the Mace trad shop

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