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Mass land sale of Southern Plantations
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Montana Scrub 08-Nov-20
Irishman 13-Nov-20
Just went out west of Kalispell and came up across private property on weyerhaeuser land, come to find out the owner of the new property found me he was nice enough luckily he was local and said that they bought the property and the adjacent lot. FYI currently none of these lines are showing up on onyx maps or Montana cadastral. He also said that a huge chunk South of highway 2 was bought by an outfitter and then talking to a coworker who hunts in the same location and said that another person from Colorado bought basically all of Wapiti Mtn. This makes me sick that these public lands were given to the railroad company then sold to the timber companies and not returned! They should have no right to make profit off these lands and should always be public a lot of stomping grounds I think in the next couple years are going to go bye bye if nobody does anything and it sounds like the states not planning on doing any type of purchasing either.

Side note a major investor in owner of Southern plantations is the Wilkes Brothers who also donated heavy amounts of money to Matt Rosendale who was a major real estate agent in Maryland. Go figure right?

From: Irishman
They have been selling off lots of land. A friend of mine owns a ranch just west of town and he says all of the land adjoining his ranch has been sold off in 320 acre chunks. I know of other areas where they have been selling off the land and closing the roads that were access to forest service land. That is going to be the real issue, the fact that there aren't laws to guarantee public access to public land.

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