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Hunting in the hills
South Dakota
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grizzly 16-Nov-20
Brotsky 18-Nov-20
grizzly 18-Nov-20
Brotsky 19-Nov-20
From: grizzly
Anyone besides me notice the drastic difference in background noise levels between developed areas of the east side of the state and the remote areas of the Hills? Deafening quite out there. The deer don't seem to even make any noise. Gotta have your stuff together and not make any noise or its over. Had a few days after filling a rifle tag so I hung a borrowed stand. Couldn't find any screw in steps in Custer or Newcastle. Top Pin wasn't open when I was there (wrong day) . I found a tree I could climb the limbs on. That limited the tree selection quite a bit. It was a good area though. The deer always seem to come from the wrong direction or had me pegged on the way in. I was using Nose Jammer and I did get hungry but the deer still smelled me. Finally thought i had a 4 x 4 lined up but he simply peeled away from the shot. Only thing hurt was my pride. It was all good though. Its pretty cool when 6 or 7 coyotes start sounding off in the nearest draw and its echoing through the woods.

From: Brotsky
The coyotes are a huge problem in the hills right now. I have shot 4 already this year and I haven't spent a ton of time out there. Low fawn numbers, particularly in the mule deer herd are becoming alarming. We really need to have an improved focus on predator control out there to improve the overall numbers.

From: grizzly
I made a bad hit on a buck yesterday morning east river, the shot looked good but was evidently not. Found him this morning but not before yotes found him. They got one front quarter, the backstrap on that side and all the guts they could eat. I got two rear quarter, one backstrap, one front quarter, some neck meat and closure. Glad they didnt find him sooner. I think they kicked him out of his last bed and then finished him off early this am. The exit hole was 5" behind the elbow so i must have got at least one lung. I shot him while he was all postured up to a younger buck. Curious if that would have anything to do with shifting organs? Puffing up the chest by bring the diaphragm forward? Just a thought.

From: Brotsky
I would say it would have the opposite effect if anything. Generally when they posture their hair just stands on end as opposed to them "puffing up" per se.

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