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Cheyenne/Wheatland whitetails?
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backcountrymuzzy 18-Nov-20
wytex 29-Nov-20
backcountrymuzzy 30-Nov-20
wytex 30-Nov-20
After a pretty rough season, I picked up a doe whitetail tag out of desperation to put some meat in the freezer. While I have seen some whitetails in the past up near Wheatland on private while waterfowl hunting, I don't think I have seen any near Cheyenne, though I have not had a chance to look at a ton of spots. For anyone familiar with the area, should I just be focusing on creek bottoms and other typical whitetail looking habitat?

I would assume the majority of the whitetails taken in those areas are on private, but the tag is good until Dec 31 and I would much rather be hiking around getting skunked than sitting at home wondering what could have happened. There are tons of walk in areas and small pieces of public to check out, but having never targeted whitetail I'm not entirely sure what the best type of terrain to focus my searches in that area.

From: wytex
Sorry late to the game here. They tend to move towards Wheatland and out of the hills to the west . Should be some to be found near Cheyenne.

Did you have any luck by now , hope so ?

Just got my tag in the mail a couple days ago so will probably head out this weekend and give it a shot. I'll probably start near Cheyenne and work my up to to Wheatland. Seems to be more public land up there, hopefully I'll get lucky and find one

From: wytex
Good luck ! Sorry my response should have said they move East towards Wheatland. Doe might be easier to find private access if you knock on some doors.

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