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Anyone having much luck/seeing anything in 3C?? Will be hitting the road tomorrow to try and put the smack down on a few does and maybe some horn

From: Teeton
The northern parts got about 1 to 2 inches of snow Tuesday night, but don't think it's going to stay white for Saturday. In my neck of 3c I think,, (Wait!!) "Know" hunting is the best it's ever been since I've been hunting.. I contributed to AR, plus a lot of guys hold off for bigger deer and many of times don't kill one. I chat with a lot of guys that say they passed up small basket 8'.. And lastly, the bad part about what I'm going to say is I don't see half the number of guys out hunting as 20 years ago. I went for a ride Sunday at about 10am I saw very few hunters or cars/trucks parked. I saw less hunter activity Sunday than I would see mid week years back. Ed

From: HuntingAdict
Deerslayer, where you live at? I live North Shore MA and grew up in 3C pa. I have a couple hundred acres there that I'm back and forth to all the time, especially in the fall. 3C has gotten better but still a lot of old timers pounding the hills shooting anything that is legal. We do more patrolling for trespassers during gun season that we actually do hunting, lot of road hunters and such too.

From: Teeton
How you all making out??

From: griz
My area near East Smithfield was very quiet. I hunted the second Saturday, and the last Wednesday thru Saturday. Saw very little and heard very little shooting. I can't speak to the first day of buck. Very low numbers of hunters compared to years past. I'm getting the feeling that a lot of guys are filling there tags in archery. Locals near me that never hunted archery, and were out driving deer in rifle season until the last minutes of the season, now have xbows and aren't even hunting in rifle season. Love them or hate them, they are definitely impacting the way we hunt in certain areas.

They sure are griz

From: DougL
I grew up in 3C and go back there every year for one day to hunt with my brother.We hunt the northern part of Wyoming county along the Susquehanna county border.This area at least is flat out over run with deer and the habitat is worse than the north central part of the state was 20 years ago.There's so many deer and so little pressure that it's actually anti-climatic.

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