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Deer Tag new to AZ
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Chplee20 07-Dec-20
dirtclod Az. 04-Jan-21
AZ8 04-Jan-21
Knothead 04-Jan-21
dirtclod Az. 06-Jan-21
Tonybear61 14-Mar-21
From: Chplee20
Just moved to arizona, and picked up a javelina and deer non permit tag in unit 25m. I’ve heard it isn’t the greatest of tags/areas because of it being in the metro area. Just wondering if there was anyone who has any advice (besides getting a different tag in a better area). I picked up the tag because 90% of the fun in hunting is just to be out there and scout/hunt. Was wondering if anyone has any tips for success. I’ve been scouting around some of the McDowell trailheads and even the north parts bordering unit 21.

From: dirtclod Az.
21 for javelina, 22 for mule deer

From: AZ8
dirtclod: 21 is not open for OTC javelina.

for deer, I’d try 22/23.

From: Knothead
What part of the valley do you live?

From: dirtclod Az.
AZ8 thanks, good to know. It's been awhile...

From: Tonybear61
How about any bowhunting near lake Havasu area??

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