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Titan Archery 3D Shoot! 45 Targets!
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Shooter 09-Dec-20
Finut's 12-Dec-22
herik 22-Mar-23
From: Shooter
Titan Archery 3D shoot! 45 targets, 2 separate course each of varying difficulty. Hope to see everyone there!

Bow and prize giveaway and shoot to win prizes! Concessions available

JAUARY- 23rd FEBRUARY – 20th MARCH – 13th MAY – 22nd JUNE – 19th JULY – 17th AUGUST – 7th

All shooting is for fun come with your hunting set up or target and get ready for the ASA year! Scorecards will be proved for those who would like to shoot for score.

Various shooting games including a running buck, long distance PRIZE SHOOTS, and more!!

Shooting starts at 9am If any questions call Bryce at 770-843-7163

Location is Floyd County Wildlife Association 909 Holland Rd NW, Rome, GA 30165 $20.00 per shooter $10 for kids under 12!

From: Finut's
We should not teach the children but hunting knowledge Madalin Stunt Cars so early. I think they should have the soul of a child properly.

From: herik

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