Hunting near Pittsburg?
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Hey guys/gals I’m from CT and one of my good buds is getting relocated from his job in TN to a new job in Pittsburg, i was wondering how the hunting is there and in areas around there. Also what is the average buck size for the area. Thanks in advance.

From: Vonfoust
Pittsburg has great hunting! It's quite a bit west of Pittsburgh though, about 14 hours. What part of Pittsburgh is he moving to? That will help.

Check out Pittcairn-Monroeville Sportsmans Club and join the United Bowhunters of PA. You may find your next, newest bowhunting buddies. The club is having a nice 2021 shoot schedule starting in January. Lots of other clubs all over western PA too with shoots and other outdoor events.

From: Dennis Razza
Lots of good hunting opportunities in the Pittsburgh Monroeville and Washington area. I get a lot of 130- 150 deer in the studio from that area. I have measure an occasional giant from there. Best of luck!

From: Pat Lefemine
Or drive one more hour west and you’re in Jefferson county Ohio. One of the top trophy counties in the state according to PY entries.

Get on Rt. 22, go west thru West VA and hang a left in Steubenville. It starts along the Ohio River and the place I hunted 10 years ago looked a lot like western PA, complete with reclaimed strip mines.

Pat, do you know if there are public lands to hunt there?

Map of Bush Creek Wildlife Area is on Ohio DNR website.

From: pa10point
If you are going to hunt brush creek count on a lot of company.

I can imagine. LOL.

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