Dec. 27th S.W. PA Trad 3D...Cancelled
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Bob Hildenbrand 14-Dec-20
hawkeye in PA 15-Dec-20
Red Beastmaster 15-Dec-20
Harv 15-Dec-20
The Traditioal Shoot at our club, Herminie #2 Game Assoc. is cancelled due to the surge. We hope to have a make-up date soon.

Keep safe

Thanks for the message Bob, left my guys know.

All the fun stuff gets cancelled but I still gotta go to work every day. :(

Completely understand Bob. We will see you when things calm down.

From: Harv
Greetings, haven't posted in a extremely long time and was checking through most of the threads and noticed that I have not seen a post from RC? A few weeks ago I was looking around and noticed the same, I know he always would attend the Herminie shoots so I expected to see a post from him.. Quick to stir the pot and make a joke, hope everything is ok.

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