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From: Pyrannah
Hey what’s up guys what is the grizz population like in 270?

I’m hunted it a few years back with zero issues... I just don’t want to hunt in grizz area if I can avoid it

Anybody in there recently?


From: SBH
Not in there recently but not known as a grizz infested area. Anymore these days I'm prepared to run into them anywhere we go but I would so very low odds of a run in there.

From: JMG
Grizzly bears have been expanding their range year after year. As SBH stated, be prepared to have an encounter just about anywhere in the mountains of Montana. This HD is not likely to have any, but you just never know. Keep in mind that if there is a grizzly bear to two … MT FWP won't tell you, until there is a negative encounter. Zero transparency regarding grizzly bears or wolves.

The American Prairie now has a stated objective of establishing wolves and grizzly bears in the Missouri Breaks as part of the bison ecosystem. Will be interesting to see how that impacts the hunting in 410, and surrounding districts. Could this be a positive development?

From: 6pointbull
Positive development? I hope you are joking, the wolves and griz have done nothing but ruin elk hunting in the south/west part of the state. The good old days of lots of elk and deer are gone in those areas and soon to be the fate of central Montana. If that is what you call positive development then I hope you are hunting other states. Although, Colorado is soon going to be heading that direction as well.

I posted this for the idiot resident hunters who have supported the efforts of the APR, some right here on this forum. How dumb can hunters be!

From: Harleywriter
Whether yer for em or agin em you might run into grizzly bears in any mountain range in north central to western Montana. Last time I hunted north of Butte not too long ago a rancher lady I visit, said a sow and a cub were running g the Divide. The moon was full the week I was there and every night the elk would bugle and then the wolves would howl. The bear of course were silent.

I would expect to see bears in the east fork. It is a serious thing to encounter a bear but it will take you to a heightened level of awareness they scare the ever- lovin shizzle outa me.

From: peterk1234

peterk1234's embedded Photo
peterk1234's embedded Photo
I'm thinking this was one in 214

From: Neandertal
Hi all. I’m new but thought I’d share. I hunt Anaconda not 270 so have no knowledge of grizzly there. Started hunting 213/214/212 years ago and there weren’t many comments of grizzly there at that time. This has changed in recent years as we’re sightings of wolves. Kinda like when a non-resident wants to know where to go in Montana to avoid grizzly I say Wyoming or Idaho. I live in Gardiner and as of this past week a sow with 2 cubs, and four other grizzly bears are hanging out that we know of. Sagebrush or mountains, best to be bear aware and prepared. Respectfully.

From: JMG
Neandertal -- thanks. Sound advise.

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