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Grizz map
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Pyrannah 20-Dec-20
SBH 13-Feb-21
JMG 16-Feb-21
From: Pyrannah
Hey what’s up guys what is the grizz population like in 270?

I’m hunted it a few years back with zero issues... I just don’t want to hunt in grizz area if I can avoid it

Anybody in there recently?


From: SBH
Not in there recently but not known as a grizz infested area. Anymore these days I'm prepared to run into them anywhere we go but I would so very low odds of a run in there.

From: JMG
Grizzly bears have been expanding their range year after year. As SBH stated, be prepared to have an encounter just about anywhere in the mountains of Montana. This HD is not likely to have any, but you just never know. Keep in mind that if there is a grizzly bear to two … MT FWP won't tell you, until there is a negative encounter. Zero transparency regarding grizzly bears or wolves.

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