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Website for KS Sportsman 2 Spk out?
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From: KsHusker

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I haven't been here in forever sure you haven't missed me.

I've been fired up about the deer issue for a few years and mainly like to upland hunt so enjoy the Ultimate Pheasant hunting forum as a lot of forums are dying now adays with social media taking over.

Anyways - there is a possible tide of folks that could maybe organize to speak out and stand up to the KS Govt over the mismanagement of the Deer herd and IMO doing ZERO deer management for several years. I'm not going to spell out my reasons here - from reading here in the past many feel the same way.

If you care to read -- go here --

What amazed me about that thread is apparently some of us were "chattering" loud enough that folks from some other forums joined in

Here is another thread -- I guess waterfowlers have been dealing with some issues for a # of years -- I need to read more

So to the point of my post - would there be any benefit for building a website to allow sportsman some sort of unified voice to the KDWPT, those in the state legislature and the wildlife commission?

I pay a gal's marketing firm to do our marketing and she does a great job and specializes in social media -- I may be able to get some of it done for what we pay or if I have to pay a bit extra as long as I dont feel it's excessive may be willing to foot some or all of the bill. My son will be 7 in May and just how much the state of hunting in KS has changed in the past 10 years or so let alone the past 5 even is completely appalling.

My vision for it would be a centralized place to present issues in a well thought out manner via social media and a marketing based approach so some of the bozos making decisions will listen - with Covid you can't get in front of anyone anymore.

Again - I was surprised at the guys that chimed in on the Ultimate Pheasant page.

From: One Arrow
Not a bad idea, but Good luck.

From: crestedbutte
Not sayin its a bad idea. If anything what KSHusker is proposing would help connect and network like minded individuals regarding certain wildlife causes. However, if you are passionate enough about something related to KS wildlife my belief is you start by consistently showing up (and in numbers) at monthly wildlife Commissioner meetings. KSHusker...not saying you haven't as i would have no idea if you have or have not? I know, I know, even doing that doesn't mean you get the results you want but the Commisioner's tend to be more open to consider other view points when there are a lot of them instead of just 1-2 peoples opinion.

Real easy to attend these meetings all over the state now that they are remote public meetings. If I understand correctly, there is a BIG waterfowl agenda during the next Commissioners meeting (next Thurs. Jan.14th) and an "oldy but goody" general discussion regarding Landowner and Tenant deer permits.

From: cherney12
How do you plan to unify the voice? I think it's a good idea, curious of the logistics. Anything similar to what you are thinking already in place for another purpose?

From: One Arrow
What’s the scuttlebutt around the landowner tenant tags Crested?

From: KsHusker

I created/reserved the FB page today - I'll buy the web domain soon -- will reach out online to see if I can get some graphics people to help me - if not I'll see how much it will cost for some of my basic ideas.

I'll try to mind map it and put it online somewhere once I have things in place. I think the goal is to expose bad policy and bring folks to light that are not on the side of sportsman/women and are self serving in their interests - who knows if it will work.

Call it the #MeToo movement for hunters/outdoors people.

What could help are the hot button issues for now - and who's really behind it - I'll research it and vet it - then that would give me something to build on. I really take issue with the fact the state PRACTICES NO, ABSOLUTELY no deer management which leads to a cascade of problems.

But back to the main issue - you can NOT manage the deer herd with statewide tags, non residents having virtually unlimited tags (residents too) OTC tags for mule deer including archery, and muzzleloader, Non residents being allowed in more than one unit -- and not forcing people to shoot does where it needs to be done -- (You can always short buck tags in certain areas where the does need to be brought under control)

I understand waterfowlers are having issues - I'll research those

Another hot button with me is lack of emphasis on Upland hunting and habitat - recipe for uplands is good for all species -- I wont rehash it here - read the Ultimate pheasant post - I went on enough about that there.

From: writer
Ray it’s mainly a clarification on the regs

Also a proposal that if a landowner is getting government ag subsidies, they have to allow the public to hunt the appropriate amount of acres based on regional WIHA rates.

Ok, the last part wasn’t true - probably. :-)

From: One Arrow
Lol... Mike, it’ll never happen, but I’m not sure I would oppose. I’m way in the minority, but the big picture is hunting , as we know it, is lost... my opinion. I struggle with it daily on a personal level that I probably shouldn’t.

I’m pretty private about hunting overall. Other than One Arrow, I rarely post anything I have killed on social media... and I haven’t even accomplished that on One Arrow yet! Wish I had a redo this season... for One Arrow.

Honestly, I’ve accomplished more in the Kansas woods than anyone one man should. If I never kill another big deer, I’m happy. Don’t think for a second I won’t keep trying. But if the future of hunting depending on giving up my rights to hunt my own land... I’d have a hard time fighting it.

It’s also my opinion that ag subsidies need to go away, but there needs to be some agreement on reasonable crop prices. Especially, when our product is used as leverage for political reasons, the government demands new regulations/rules, and environmental/political litigation causes serious loss of revenue like this year. I’m not sure people would like the cost of their food though. The government knows the game they are playing. I’ll play their stupid game as well.

All this money they are throwing at farmers and bankruptcies and farmer suicide/mental health issues are ever increasing... the latter being a personal struggle. Hunting and taking others has literally been my lifeline.

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