Best Public Land Tree stand
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From: TC
Looking at the Chippewa Wedgelok system to use on public land. Does anyone use this system? How difficult is it, to carry in and setup? Heavy? Bulky?

From: Teeton
If I understand you right you plan on setting up a few trees with there tree straps. Carrying in a stand, and there climbing sticks and removing the stand and sticks, but leaving the strap in a few trees each time you come out??

I use the Chippewa stand. It’s a great system when your concerned about your treestand being stolen. Good luck.

From: Bowhunter s
I always tend to think best public treestand is my summit viper climber, no one knows your location, won't be stolen. And very mobile, and pretty comfortable.

From: Bowhunter s
A little bulky , think it's 22 lbs, but you got room for a all day hunt if wanted too. Some of these platforms don't know where you would stand with the seat , not for someone that's 6 foot. Lol.

From: Cougar
Check out the treehopper system . You carry the bolts in and out with you. Just don't forget your life line.

From: DougL
My go to stand was always a LW assault climber for long steep hikes.For the past 15 years or so,I also utilized saddles but was only good for about 3-4 hours before my legs got tired.This past year I used a system that completely changed the way I hunt.I picked up a LWCG .5 stand that I used in conjuction with one LWCG double step stick with a two step aider.The entire set-up weighs less than 8 lbs.I one stick climb,hang the stand and then use the stand primarily as a platform for use with a saddle,I can shoot all around the tree.When I get tired of leaning,I just turn around and sit for a spell.You're an absolute predator hunting like this.I also picked up a LWCG 1.0 at the end of the season for situations when I don't feel like using a saddle.For getting down,I use about 30ft of 8mm oplux and a madrock safeguard to rappel down.It's safe and takes me less than a minute.I can be up a tree and hunting in about 8 minutes without breaking a sweat and I can actually climb around branches with one stick.It's completely changed the way I hunt.

From: TC
Ok thanks for info I will check in on these suggestions. I thought the Chippewa would be quick. I have Helium Hawk sticks I am okay using except I noticed they can make noise

From: Switchy
I've had a chippewa wedgelok stand since 07-08. They are well worth the money and hands down the safest stand I've ever hunted out of. I have the Brutis maximus which is their heaviest stand but I also hang it on private property and leave it up. The downfall is the weight of them but I'd pack it for the safety.

From: bill v
Use Chippewa a lot. My favorite for comfort. They are not heavy. Set up multiple trees with sticks and a chain. Just slide stand off shoulder straps and onto chain and climb in. This is done in places that I can leave steps ( climbing sticks) in place. Good luck

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