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Arizona Hunter Safety
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starbux 18-Jan-21
StickFlicker 19-Jan-21
dirtclod Az. 19-Jan-21
unnanan 06-Apr-21
From: starbux
Is there any possibility of AZGFD resuming the in-person classes for non-residents any time soon? I’m traveling there for work and would like the extra point if I could get it. Thx.

From: StickFlicker
They don't even allow people to come into the lobbies at Game and Fish offices anymore, so that doesn't seem likely. Although, I suspect it's more up to the volunteers that teach the classes as to when they set them than it is to G&F.

From: dirtclod Az.
Give them a call @ (602) 942-3000 They have a coordinator that will set you up.

From: unnanan
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