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Wyoming antelope 2021
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Bowhunter5031 22-Jan-21
bas 23-Jan-21
wytex 24-Jan-21
Can anyone give me a recommendation for an antelope archery outfitter for this fall (2021), I currently have 4 points & would like to target bucks in the 70+ range.

From: bas
Do not use Ridgemaster Outfitting in Kaycee. We went there last year. Worst experience with an outfitter hands down. For 70+ I would think you need to be in the south central part of the state.

From: wytex
Bowhunter some outfitters run many hunters through their properties every year. Ask about numbers each year. Lots of hunters can mean smaller bucks to choose from. 10-12 inch bucks are a dime a dozen, you could do that DIY over a public land waterhole or fence crossing blind.

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