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2021 spring turkey app question
South Dakota
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BrianC 30-Jan-21
Dakota 30-Jan-21
Animal Killer 16-Feb-21
From: BrianC
I'm trying to plan a spring turkey trip for my wife and I. I will be bowhunting and she will be using a shotgun. We are planning on hunting west of Belle Fourche. (PST-15A-32) It looks like a non res. archery tag is guaranteed, but it looks like she needs at least 1 preference point to draw a tag. Is this correct or am I missing something here?

Thanks, Brian

From: Dakota
That very well may be the case. Archery licenses are guaranteed but depending on the unit some shotgun licenses may take a couple points.

There are 2 separate seasons or tags that run primarily the same time frame. Any spring archery turkey tag is unlimited but you need to apply. It’s OTC but the way to purchase it is to apply. The Praire units are any legal weapon in that units description. Unit 15... the one you mentioned probably tags at least one point. If not you both can still archery hunt otherwise hunt in the black hills. You are guaranteed a tag there but again that’s a separate tag/unit. Good luck

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