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elk units
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fn 05-Feb-21
BOHNTR 05-Feb-21
fn 06-Feb-21
BOHNTR 06-Feb-21
Chuckster 07-Feb-21
StickFlicker 08-Feb-21
From: fn
What are considered the top elk units not so much for big bulls, but for the amount of good bulls. I know this is a very general question. Thanks.

Too many to list

From: fn
Thanks bohntr , that really helps.

I’m not being a wise guy.....but literally most units in AZ will have what you’re asking. You would need to provide additional information like what size bulls you’re looking for, amount of elk, etc., to get a more detailed response from folks. Just a recommendation

From: Chuckster
I would look at the draw odds and see what units offer you the best opportunity to draw and not split hairs on which unit is better than that unit. With an ever increasing population in our state, drawing a tag is getting to be a bigger challenge. Good luck to you in the draw.

From: StickFlicker

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Buy a copy of Bowhunting in Arizona. There's a table in the very back of the book that shows how many bulls (and every other AZ Species) have been entered into the state bowhunting records from each hunting unit. That will show which units are producing the most good bulls. It also shows the actual unit number that each individual animal listed in the records was taken (in the listings under each individual species) so that you can also see from which units the very largest animals are being taken.

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