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montana elk archery last week
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num 07-Feb-21
sbschindler 09-Feb-21
SBH 13-Feb-21
JMG 16-Feb-21
From: num
I am contemplating booking a hunt for the last week of archery season in central Montana. I’m coming from New Hampshire and I’ve only hunted rifle up until now. Do you think the last week of archery is worth it or should I wait until 2022? The reason I say that is because the outfitter I’m planning on going with has booked all earlier dates. I don’t get to do a hunt like this very often due to family commitments and financial constraints. So this is a big decision for me and I would hate to get skunked Just because I did not ask a broader audience the right questions.

From: sbschindler
you will be dealing with educated elk and that can be tough I'd wait if it were me, 3rd week of sept to 1st of Oct isn't a bad time to go ??

From: SBH
Agreed. That last week can be tough. ALTHOUGH......You do run a chance of coming across a lonely bull looking for one more cow. In my experience those are some of the easiest elk to call in. Recently kicked off the herd by a bigger bull or beat up and kicked off......all alone and looking for love. Can be a good recipe.

From: JMG
As stated above … I recommend waiting to book the 3rd or 4th week of September. If you hunting with an outfitter … he can probably put you onto some private land where the elk are not so pressured.

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