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Glunt@work 12-Feb-21
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Glunt@work 13-Feb-21
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From: Glunt@work

Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Reading "Son of the Longbow" at the moment. It's a new book by Marv Clyncke. Many of you know Marv. Casual read and full of stories that are a walk through the history of bowhunting in Colorado and his story. There are only so many books focused on bowhunting and this is a good one for the turkey blind or kicked back at camp.

From: Jaquomo
Looking forward to this read. Marv is a legend. Incompatable artist, outdoorsman, and bowhunter..

From: Rocky D
One of my all time favorites!

From: Leanman
Where can I purchase a copy?

From: JohnMC
Any link to where sold I googled and did not find.

From: Glunt@work
Marv told me he's setting up a website but not there yet. Until then he's using email

From: Stoneman

Stoneman's embedded Photo
2001 Big Horn Sheep
Stoneman's embedded Photo
2001 Big Horn Sheep
This picture will be 20 years old this August. Being late to the party (I didn't start bowhunting until 1996) Marv helped me fill in the gaps and was instrumental in helping me kill this Ram. He was and is a true pioneer for Bowhunting in Colorado.

From: Glunt@work
Looks like his site is up

From: Leanman
I just ordered my copy at website

From: Sandbrew
Great book! I ordered mine and it has already arrived. Great stories and awesome pictures. It is amazing that Marv carried a camera all those years go. It is a priceless book. Get one!


From: MathewsMan
I just received my copy from Marv in the mail today and I am certainly looking forward to reading the book. My first Bighorn hunt was in the Buffalo Peaks back in 1988 and Marv has been a great influence on many...

From: elkster
My copy came in this week. Much to read and view. My wife always jokes about her books "reading value" by dividing number of pages / price. This one has high value based on that one measure alone. The amount of notes and photos required over a lifetime to create this is very impressive.

From: DeerNut
I have heard that this is a great book for both the beginner and the advanced hunter. After all, anyone is interested in reading the stories and adventures of real hunters. I wanted to ask about the photo from the book. I am currently making a presentation about hunting and want to take photos. Tell me, is it better for me to take from such a service or can I take a photo from the book too? I thought about depositingphotos, so as not to violate copyright.

From: CO Oak
If you want to use Marv's photos, just ask him. If you don't want to ask him, purchase stock photos.

From: Mathewsphone
You will probably have to purchase them but I would be guessing

From: Bowman
Just recently found this book for a fair price. I almost read it and would love to write a review on it. I often write reviews for literature and films, taking examples from -essays - it is very convenient to write with a clear structure that does not need to be invented by yourself. In general, I am not such a fan of hunting, but my father wants to go hunting with me this year. So I decided to please him by buying this book

From: Paul@thefort
Bowman, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You seem to be at odds with yourself and I would suggest to you, that you do not practice what you preach. You statement is confusing for sure and maybe you could explain. "Not such a fan of hunting, but.............." and then on and on. "I often write reviews............................................". OH really.

From: sticksender
You guys do realize that's just a spammer, probably from SE Asia or Russia, trolling for click counts, who wouldn't know Bowsite from Bowling ;-)

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