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Animal Killer 16-Feb-21
Extremely new to elk hunting. We hunted in SD last year in a left over cow tag and it was an absolute blast. To say I’m hooked is an understatement. Going forward I’ve been buying points in Montana and forgot to get a pint last year for Wyoming. I live in eastern SD and wondering on what to expect for an elk hunting experience in 116. I would make a couple trips in September for 4-5 days and primarily want to archery hunt but interested in a rifle hunt as well. Looking to hunt public. I’ve gathered that hunting pressure usually pushes elk to private and for that I’m not opposed to paying a treaspass fee. This year I’ll look at left overs and if that doesn’t pan out I’ll get to work on plans for the coming year. My question is this: how is the actual population of elk that holds in the national forest and is it true that every elk ends up on private and none call the Forrest home come fall? The BH is SD are full of elk and guys seem to find success when they draw a tag. I’m happy harvesting a cow or a bull. Love to kill a bull but meat is what I’m looking for in order to get a couple hints under my belt. Also for a non resident coming to hunt there what is the overall experience most guys get from hunting there? I already know it’s going to be hard like anything but I intend to make some scouting trips out there and do some homework. An 8 he drive isn’t bad when the family comes with and we can make a family vacation of it. If anyone wants to chat via pm vs on online forum I’m good with that as well. Thanks for any insight and help.

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