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curbside cocktails
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Chief 02-Mar-21
sitO 02-Mar-21
crestedbutte 02-Mar-21
Matt Palmquist 02-Mar-21
KB 03-Mar-21
kscowboy 03-Mar-21
One Arrow 03-Mar-21
sitO 03-Mar-21
From: Chief
And while your contacting your legislators about transferable tags, tell them you are against the "Curbside Cocktails" bill also. Damn bad enough as it is dodging drunks on the road, we sure don't need to add to the ease of access. Pull up and order an alcohol drink then drive off, absurd.

From: sitO
They've been doing it in Wichita for several months Dale. You can get a 32ox Margarita at Spangles...crazy.

From: crestedbutte
Does MADD still exist? Figured they’d be all over the Curbside Cocktail bill.

Spangles did that in November of 2019....must have had a premonition;)

From: KB
It just tastes better... when you’re krunk!

From: kscowboy
Pull up to a liquor store and fill your cup with a couple of airline bottles or hit a gas station and buy a case of beer. What's the difference? People who are going to drink and drive are going to drink and drive. There is nothing wrong with getting a margarita to-go from your favorite Mexican joint. I have plenty of friends in the restaurant business that could use all the help they can get for awhile. We have bigger issues to fight than this one. Move on or show us the stats that this has caused an influx in drunk driving accidents and is to blame.

From: One Arrow
If a restaurant is failing because they can’t serve curbside liquor, they must have some horrible food/service.

This is not smart. I wonder how they get passed the open container laws? A plastic cup lid is fine as long as there is no straw in it? Liquor is very important as we convert to socialism.

From: sitO
Restaurants certainly aren't the only businesses that have struggled throughout the shut down. The strong will survive, have for eons.

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