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Yote hunter 07-Mar-21
wytex 08-Mar-21
From: Yote hunter
A couple buddies and myself are looking at coming to Wyoming next December to chase mountain lions with our own dogs, just wondering if anyone can point us to a unit with ample public land and decent lion numbers. Or if anyone else has some pointers for first timers out there. Thanks

From: wytex
Access could be iffy but the Snowies have good numbers , as does most of the state. You will need to check female quotas and make sure areas have not closed but Dec. is kind of early for closures. I would look at area near NF boundaries, BLM and state lands perhaps just below the mountains and in wintering big game areas. You don't need timber for the big cats. Might check to see if any outfitters have areas for their concessions before you come to that area, check with local NF office or BLM office.

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