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Need hunting partner
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From: Bertrum
Not sure if this is the right place to start but I'm looking for a hunting partner. I live out of state and I have 12 points. I would like to do an outfitter drop camp somewhere in 2021. My wife does not want me to hunt alone. I've been chasing elks with a sharp stick for close to 40 yrs in Colorado. My hunting buddies don't want to spend the money on a outfitted trip and they don't have my number of points. Any suggestions? Bertrum

From: KHunter
explain to your wife how and why you can hunt safely alone, unless you cannot hunt safely alone for some reason. Buy and use an Inreach and communicate often during the hunt, including using the tracking feature so she can ‘see’ where you are throughout the hunt...and then get the best tag 12 points and get you and go DIY...

From: Bertrum
Hello KHunter, Thanks for taking the time to respond. I will consider the Inreach. Its a good idea. I have a couple of weeks before applying so will keep reaching out for info. Good luck hunting, Bertrum

From: Highway Star
My wife never liked it when I hunted alone. I bought a spot when they first came out, and I send her OK messages 3 times a day and she hasn't worried since. I still hunt alone and will turn 65 this year. Gives her peace of mind. Scott

From: txhunter58
Some guys love to hunt solo, but I am not one of them. I enjoy sharing a hunt with a friend. That’s a big part of the enjoyment for me. And sharing stories from the days hunt is enjoyable. Would do a solo if I had to but it wouldn’t be my first choice. To each his own.

From: oldgoat
But man if you have an inreach and forget to text when you get back to camp, they get more worried than back when you were just gone for a week or two!

From: Longcruise
I like sharing the camp and the camaraderie but when I step out of camp I prefer to be alone. Major exception is when hunting with the grandkids.

I added a Resqlink a few years ago. It's a onetime use system so the family doesn't expect to hear from me unless something has gone very wrong.

From: KHunter
I have enough voices in my head to converse with that I can forgo having a partner. LOL

I will just reiterate the great comfort and appreciation 2-way comms with an inreach provides to family.

From: KHunter
"But man if you have an inreach and forget to text when you get back to camp, they get more worried than back when you were just gone for a week or two!"

As a two-way communication they can always initiate the convo. I turn mine on at various times whether I plan to send a msg or not. If my wife wants to send me a text about some funny thing the dog did, all good. Sure makes it better for all given the many days spent afield across various hunt units and states I am visiting for the first time.

From: Treeline
Great advice so far! The in reach is great tool that does help relieve a lot of stress. Seems every time I go away, everything hits the fan and the wife has to tell me about it...

Draw the tag, then start asking around.

From: sticksender
You might also want to solicit for potential partners on other monstermuleys, archerytalk, rokslide, and etc. The audience here is dedicated, but tiny.

From: JohnMC
Finding a hunting partner to hunt a 12 point unit is going to be tricky just because there are not many folks with 12 points that want to burn them this year and looking for a hunting partner. Good luck though!

From: KHunter
Treeline nailed it. Draw the tag then worry about a partner. Via the various hunting forums sticksender mentions, plus hunttalk you should also be checking out as well to look up info and engage about your chosen hunt/unit, you could pretty easily engage some other folks who also drew same tag this year. And maybe create some level of partnership or at least commitment to keep an eye out for each other. Have done that a few times to great effect in multiple states.

A few years ago a very good bow elk tag landed in my pocket a few days before bow season start and I hit up OTCWill on here mistakenly thinking he hunted it the year prior. We were trading some info and finally he says "You know I am hunting it too". Duh. Sure enough we did meet up in unit for first time and the dude parked a beautiful bull in front of me a few hours after we met for first time a dark thirty. We have shared other hunts since then and a true friendship was made from nothing in no time at all. A long way of saying, it will work out if you try. Get the tag no matter what your partner situation is on application deadline day.

You draw the tag and hit me up I will walk you through sure fire ways to get connected to some possible partners, if needed.

From: txhunter58
“ I like sharing the camp and the camaraderie but when I step out of camp I prefer to be alone”

Agreed. But that depends too. Especially with bowhunting, it is sometime nice to have a caller so you can be out in front in case he hangs up at 80 yards.

I’m burning 13 points this year also. But I’m taking by BIL and nephew along. Neither of them will have a tag. But they can call and have strong backs!!!

From: Bertrum
Hello to All, I am getting some good feed back from everyone and thank you all for responding. I am thinking of hunting for elk this year in unit 66 with Coffee Pot Outfitters. I'd do a horse back drop camp if I can find a hunting partner (which I'd prefer) and if not then a fully guided hunt. Its a lot of money but not sure how many more years I can do this and my family and friends all say go for it. Thanks, Bertrum

I dont know how old you are I'm 39 but the past 2 years I packed out my elk alone and do the butchering myself. It takes a long time and it hurts but, You can do it.

From: Quinn @work

Good luck!

With the unit info I’m sure a few on here will be able to recommend a good outfitter there.

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