Best low cost sattelite communicator
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TC 17-Mar-21
JMG 22-Mar-21
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Cheesehead Mike 24-Mar-21
Svrelk2 24-Apr-21
From: TC
Looking for best low cost satelite communicator. Do you have experience with Explore vs Inreach mini, vs Zoleo ?

From: JMG
My brother has an Inreach mini and it seems pretty reasonable and inexpensive. I am seriously considering getting one. I know a lot of "serious" hunters that hunt, say Alaska, use the Inreach mini. It's far cheaper and lighter than a Satellite phone.

From: Nwmontana14
I have the Delmore in-reach se and have been using it now for about 5 years. I have had 0 issues with it. I hunt in the breaks each year for 2 - 3 weeks at a time and it is a tool that I will never leave home without. On 2 different occasions I was notified that some of my hunting buddies had family emergencies and needed to head for home. Definitely eases the mind to know what is going on if their is an emergency and I know my family appreciate knowing each night that I am OK as well. Very easy to use when attached Bluetooth to your phone. I will be updating my to the mini this year. The only reason is the newer models seem to take half the time to connect to satellites.

InReach mini works well for me.

From: Svrelk2
Inreach mini

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