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2021 Archery Mule Deer Hunt Nonres
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Willpunktrk 18-Mar-21
Eagle_eye_Andy 23-Mar-21
bobbinhood 10-Apr-21
Jrhendricks 28-Apr-21
Shb 06-Jun-21
From: Willpunktrk
Howdy Everyone! Brand new to the forum, but I like what I've been reading so far so I though I'd join Myself and a buddy will be heading up to Nebraska from Texas in late October to bow-hunt mule deer, and plan to do a scouting trip sometime later this summer. I've been eyeballing and doing some research in the Sandhills area and have a list of private property owners I plan to reach out to regarding permission to access their land. I'm seeing quite a bit of mixed info, especially for this area, with respect to deer numbers, hunter pressure and other things. I've hunted mule deer a few time back in Nevada where there is 43+ million acres of public accessible land, but have never hunted muleys east of the Rockies. Any insight, info, intel to aide in a successful hunt would be greatly helpful and appreciated. If anyone ever plans to apply for mule deer in Nevada and are successful in getting a tag, I would be more than willing to privately swap some good info on solid areas to hunt in the Northern ranges of the state.

Thanks in advance!!!

Sandhills in Nebraska is pretty general there’s 19k sq miles. If you narrow it down to an area of Sandhills it might help. Some areas or regions are better than others and then there’s areas within areas. Just depends. For the most part though Muley hunting is muley hunting. Lots of glassing and scouting to determine where and how to approach

From: bobbinhood
Name say he's from NE, but states he's coming from Texas???????????

From: Jrhendricks
I lived in Nebraska for 7 years. Expect pressure. cheap nonresident unlimited OTC licenses in all seasons and recent media exposure has exasperated it. With that said you should be able to find deer if you work hard enough. Scout as much as you can and bring your glass.

From: Shb
Prayers sent.

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