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Bowfishing spots?
Contributors to this thread:
Alanm260 25-Mar-21
shooter 25-Mar-21
Mt. man 30-Mar-21
Oneinrut 13-May-21
From: Alanm260
Hi there everyone I was wondering if anyone knows of good spots with lots of carp to go bowfishing from land in the Nampa area?

From: shooter
You can bowfish for carp in Lake Lowell, but the best spot I know near Nampa is just East of the Swan Falls dam on the Snake River or further up river on C.J. Strike south of Mountain Home. There are some nice fatties in that area and you can have a good time from late April to late June.

From: Mt. man
Map Rock road has a couple spots by the irrigation pump stations you can shoot.

From: Oneinrut
Lake Lowell the spawn has started

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