Summit Treestands
Early rifle deer tag 44/45/444 outfitter
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Woobie 25-Mar-21
Quinn @work 25-Mar-21
From: Woobie
Hey all,

I'm going to draw this tag. I have not rifle hunted in over a decade, but we are just doing different things this year and I've always had this hunt on my mind.

Does anybody know of any good outfitters? I'm looking for a drop camp, and some help packing it out if I'm in deep.

Thanks and best,

From: Quinn @work
I haven't hunted those specific units that time of year but have hunted the units close to there. I do know you'll need to be concentrating above or at treeline. You'll also need to be mobile as you'll have to cover a lot of country and spending a lot of time behind the glass. There won't be many deer but that's typical of high country buck hunting. You have to check many drainages to find the small pockets of bachelor bucks and then pattern them. This type of hunt may not be conducive to a drop camp and is more of a spike camp on your back type of hunt. Good luck. Enjoy that beautiful country!

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