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TOK Aug 2021
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pahoyt 02-Apr-21
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From: pahoyt
Headed to TOK Aug. 20-29th for a grizzly-caribou combo. Is there anything to expect out of the normal to prepare for? What are the bugs like up there that time year? Will i need a thermacell?

From: John/Alaska
The bugs can vary from none to a lot in Aug. Depends if it gets cold or not for a few days. I just use deet and I usually am okay. I do have a thermocell but never have used it. I happen to live in Tok and have been here about 30 plus years. I hunt all over and only had bug problems a few times. Deet has always been my friend.

From: pahoyt
Which deet type do you recommend?

From: John/Alaska
Deet in either the green can or orange can(Bens or ??). You want one with a high Percentage of Deet. Every year about May I pick up a couple of cans of the stuff for the coming months of bugs and don't go anywhere with out it during that time June to October. Always in a my pack, in my truck or on my 4 whlr.

From: pahoyt
thank you

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