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Blow gun darting, Colorado
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Paul@thefort 06-Apr-21
From: Paul@thefort
The first time I saw someone use a blow gun for hunting was Tim Wells, hunting black bear. The hunting dart was longer and with a two blade hunting head. Someone is using one or similar, of these blow guns to shoot deer. Read the CPW report.

CPW asks public for help solving wildlife harassment case involving blow darts

WALSENBURG, Colo. – Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking the public for help identifying the person or persons who shot blow darts at deer in Walsenburg, seriously injuring the animals.

On Thursday, April 1, CPW Wildlife Officer Travis Sauder received a call about multiple deer near the 100 block of East Cedar in Walsenburg with darts sticking in them.

Sauder found three injured deer – an adult doe with a dart through the foreleg, a young doe with a dart in the nose and another young doe with a dart in the right side of the neck, just below the jaw.

Sauder sedated two of the deer and removed the darts. The doe with the dart in its neck ran off before Sauder was able to sedate it. Sauder is continuing to canvas the area looking for the doe.

“Whoever did this was intentionally inflicting pain and causing these animals to suffer,” Sauder said. “This is illegal harassment of wildlife. It’s something we take very seriously.

“But we need the public’s help catching whoever is doing this. Someone knows who did this and can make sure they are held accountable for their cruel actions.”

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