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INbowdude 13-Apr-21
sticksender 14-Apr-21
pav 16-Apr-21
sticksender 29-Apr-21
From: INbowdude
Anybody finding any yet? I've looked in central Indiana and found nothing yet.

From: sticksender
They seem to be coming up early this year, but spotty. Locals here are finding gray ones in a few areas. My lawn mowing crew on Monday showed me a Big Gulp drink cup full to the top with grays that they picked in the previous yard they'd just mowed. My usual spots....nothing yet.

From: pav
Found a couple dozen on Good Friday. Maybe 100 or so last weekend. All have been black sponge to date from southern Indiana.

From: sticksender
They're finally up pretty good here. The wife & I found a decent bunch this morning.

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