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Three Bearded Hens
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Zim 19-Apr-21
INbowdude 21-Apr-21
From: Zim

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Zim's embedded Photo
Seems like every time I go in the woods I see a first. This time I was scouting some public for turkey season. Saw a total of 17, and stayed to roost the last flock of nine. I moved in fairly close behind cover and glassed one mature Tom, two jakes, three regular hens, and no less than three bearded hens! I could not believe it. I’ve been hunting 30+ years and never seen this.

I have yet to lay eyes on a single 140” buck on Indiana public land, but the turkey hunting sure is great. I got three slammer spots to set up on now. Should be able to score at any one of them.

From: INbowdude
Good luck to all on this snowy opening morning!

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