Archery elk in SW. Hammer fell
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From: txhunter58

Figured they would ease into reducing archery elk tags slowly. They made all bow tags in the southwest units draw only last year but gave very liberal numbers. This year they reduced them by 30%. Down 3200 tags. No big surprise I guess except the people that put in expecting to draw with zero points or as a leftover like last year.

Lots of interesting stuff in these recommendation. (These are NOT the final numbers, just recommendations). Final numbers will be decided in early May.

From: cnelk
Rarely do the recommendations change.

I’d go with the numbers posted in the draft.

How stupid is this that they can't release this before the draw?

From: Sandbrew
OTC_Bowhunter- All the tag #s are based on post hunting harvest success, population & survival rates after winter snows are done. In many places we have seasons that run until January 31st and snow on the ground until May. One option is wait to apply until Mid May then draw in Late June. That does not give hunters along time to plan a bow hunt that starts on Sept 2nd. Another option would be keep #s conservative and lower in some places but draw earlier with best guess #s in place. Maybe a hybrid of 50% of last years tags drawn in April and a 2nd draw in May with the rest of tags that could be supported after the counts? They could charge for 2 application fees......the CPW might just go for that new revenue stream.


From: CK
I'm for limiting tags when warranted but let's stop picking on the archery crowd.

From: Treeline
Crazy that archery tags are draw is so many areas now with no limits for gun hunters in the same areas for 2nd and 3rd seasons.

From: JohnMC
Correct me if I wrong but most of the SW units had 1000's of tag last year with lots and lots left over. So doubt it will effect most in getting left out in the draw.

From: cnelk
^^^ JohnMC - You're wrong. This year, there are 1235 less limited archery licenses in the SW units [DAU 24]. Or a 35.6 decrease

Probably wont be near as many leftovers this year

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