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South Dakota
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grizzly63 23-Apr-21
dakotahunter 26-Apr-21
grizzly63 29-May-21
From: grizzly63
My brother mentioned that GFP was doing some maintenance this weekend and it might not be a bad idea to record what I had for preference just in case things went south. Good idea. I counted up my preference while doing that. I have 185 points. I hope I get drawn for something this year. Unfortunately I do not have any of those expensive NR points for elk in other states. How are you folks setting?

From: dakotahunter
Good luck with those points in the draws coming up. I'm at 137. Hoping for the best in May.

From: grizzly63
Got me an elk tag. Anterless but it will still taste like elk. Rifle H3E. Should be fun. Only had one preference but being realistic, I could be dead by the time I would get lucky enough to get a bull tag. By drawing this, I shorted my chances on drawing an archery elk as the rifle draw happens before the archery but it is what it is. Maybe next year for that one. Guy can always hope.

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