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Bowhunting Banquet - June 5
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From: StickFlicker

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Register now to attend the joint banquet with the Arizona Bowhunters Association and Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book! It's been a long time since any of us have had the chance to go to any wildlife-related fundraising banquets in the past two years, so sign-up for this one before it's sold out! The Bowhunting in Arizona Awards that were originally scheduled to be awarded at last year's (cancelled) banquet will be awarded at this one.

From: huntingdad
Bummer, I will be striper fishing with Don Martin that weekend.

From: StickFlicker

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Just a reminder to get your tickets to the banquet before it's too late! A list of the Bowhunting in Arizona Biennial Award Winners that are scheduled to receive their awards is shown at the attached link. Several special awards will also be awarded to those bowhunters that have taken seven (7) different species with their bow (Cochise Award) or 11 species (Kaibab Award). See the Bowhunting in Arizona web pages for more information on earning those awards for those that are interested. We will also be measuring animals for entry to BIA, Pope & Young, and/or Boone & Crockett if you'd like to bring your trophy by (beginning at 2 PM). You do not have to be attending the banquet in order to have your trophy measured and entered into any of these programs. I hope to see you there!

From: Knothead
Marvin, Mark Ovitt must have a picture of you that he throws darts at. You edged him out on two different species. I see a lot of familiar last names on the list. I think it must be true that 10% of the hunters kill 90% of the big animals. That must be why my name is nowhere to be found in the book. I hope the banquet does well for both organizations.

From: StickFlicker
John, we were actually together when Mark shot both of those, then he went home and I shot a bigger one both times! LOL However, scouting with him for the Merriam's hunt was instrumental in my finding the tom that I eventually took which became the state record. So, he helped me to best his bird (which also placed as the #3 of all-time and missing the previous state record by 1/16").

Those are some dandy scores on these animals, wow!!! Wish I wasn't working out of town I bet this is a fun time.

How was the banquet Marvin? Good turnout?

Marvin told me it sold out and a good time was had by all.

From: StickFlicker
Randy, we were limited by the venue to about 300 people, and we had to stop sales in advance because it sold out! I think people were happy to finally get things back to normal and have something to attend for the first time in two years.

Very good to hear..... and I wholeheartedly agree about the getting "things back to normal!" Enough is enough already......

From: bohunr
How much did the auction tags go for?

From: StickFlicker
I have no idea. I was too busy to watch them.

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